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yasr yet another stars rating pro v
yasr yet another stars rating pro v

Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating Pro v0.3.7

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Yet Another Stars Rating (YASR) is a simple yet powerful 5 stars rating plugin for WordPress . With YASR you can turn your blog into a complete review site! I wrote it because I needed a plugin which allowed me to:

Add a review for a product (or whatever)
Let users vote
Build rankings
Add rich snippet for a rated post/page
Support Multi Sets
Easily use it through shortcodes.

For almost four years I’ve been using Gd Star Rating to fulfill my needs.
It did work fine, but was really heavy on my pages, hard to use and understand and most importantly, it’s no longer developed since 2012 (errors and security issues have piled up). So I needed to change my rating plugin, but I didn’t want at all to waste four years of collected ratings.
So, here’s how YASR was born! Yes, with YASR you can import your old data from Gd Star Rating! Plenty of rating plugins are out there (that’s why I called it “Yet Another Stars Rating”), but none of them provides all these features for ! Yes, YASR is and all the data is saved onto your database. Therefore data is yours and yours only (this is crucial!).

== Changelog ==

= 0.3.7 =
* Fixed bug that could occasionally occour on license page

= 0.3.6 =
* TWEAKED: improvement on the form for saving license

Demo Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating Pro v0.3.7

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