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wplms learning management system v
wplms learning management system v

WPLMS Learning Management System v1.9.5

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WPLMS Learning Management System WordPress theme v3.1

WPLMS v1.9.5 is a Learning Management System for WordPress . It is an e-learning WordPress theme for course management, instructor and student management using which you can create and sell your courses online.
The theme turns your WordPress setup into an LMS, utilising the potential of WordPress + BuddyPress + BBPress + WooCommerce. WPLMS is compatible with TinCan/XAPI specifications and a lot of popular plugins such as WP Coauthors plus, MyCred points system, BadgeOS, PMPro, DwQ&A and more.. The Theme package includes 8 custom plugins built specifically for the theme to provide the complete learning experience.

Latest version of WPLMS 1.9.5

UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.5 [26th May’15 ]

Features Added

1. Manage Course Status from Front end
2. Course Reviews Widget
3. Members directory default order : set in WP Admin – LMS – Settings
4. Display assignment in units in Curriculum : Activate from WP Admin – LMS- Settings
5. Quiz featured image and taxonomy added for Page builder blocks.
6. User login status in admin panel : Check WP Admin – Users
7. Password strength meter for WooCommerce new account creation in checkout page

Updated Components

1. Improved Single session per user
2. Improved Student course progress bars
3. Badge and Certificate assignment condition change from > to >=
4. Filter on Take this course button label
5. Improved assignment management in Front end Unit editing
6. BBPress styling changes
7. Filter on logo link/url

Security Fixes
1. esc_url_raw added for plugin updates
2. Unique security key in options panel to differentiate between any two WPLMS sites

Issues Fixed

1. OneInstructor one click setup bug fix with parallax
2. Simple Notes and discussion bug fixes
3. Quiz passing message bug fix
4. Course attachments in new tab
5. Next unit bug fix after quiz
6. Next page in unit js not working bug
7. Fillblank and Small text answer auto evaluation fix
8. Quiz message with the_content filter
9. Change user role from customer to student on order completion
10. Date format in Certificate shortcode complaint with WP format
11. Star rating function added for custom star rating display
12. Shortcode alert in form select fix
13. Create groups title bug
14. Login dropdown user image fix
15. Youtube Fontawesome title fix
16. Course bulk actions enabled by default for Admin
17. Custom post type support in BuddyPress activity via add_theme_support for BP v 2.2+
18. Filter added on course categories widget : wplms_course_filters_course_cat
19. BuddyPress widgets design changes/CSS fixes
20. Course codes feature bug fix
21. Pmpro “private” button fix

More versions

Demo WPLMS Learning Management System v1.9.5

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