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wp indeed importer v
wp indeed importer v

WP Indeed Importer v1.0

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WP Indeed Importer WordPress plugin v1.0

Have you ever thought of creating a Jobsite, which posts jobs according to your own needs and where you do not have to send the visitors to some other sites, so you can post your own ads and make full money for yourself?

If yes, then you have just purchased the right plugin for your own Jobsite.

WP Indeed Importer is a plugin, which imports the jobs from Indeed.com. We support Indeed.com, Indeed.ca, Indeed.co.uk, Indeed.es, Indeed.fr, Indeed.de at this moment. You can use the settings screen to select the source of your job imports.

How it Works –

1. Scraping Source – Choose where you want the jobs to come from like Indeed.com, Indeed.ca, Indeed.co.uk, Indeed.es, Indeed.fr, Indeed.de

2. Post Ads – When you want Ads to be posted, it works easy and supports cron, not some rocket science here.

3. Post by – Which username you want to post the jobs, create multiple users by user panel in WordPress , place the usernames here and plugin will rotate them while posting multiple jobs.

4. Category – You can write 1 specific name of category on which you want the job posts to appear. So, If I am presently scraping for Marketing, I mentioned “Marketing” in the panel and searched jobs for this keyword, posted them and it all goes to Marketing category.

Demo WP Indeed Importer v1.0

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