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WooSwatches v3.3.12


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WooSwatches – wordpress plugin v3.3.12

WooSwatches are WooCommerce Images or Color Swatches Features

  • The application supports color, image and text variation in swatches as well as dropdowns for selecting.
  • Woocommerce has improved the variable attributes of its products and attributes Swatches.
  • Color or image values for global color for attributes.
  • Color/image filter built into the product.
  • Works on mobile devices.
  • Swatches of various sizes ranging between small and large.
  • Both round and square swatches are supported.
  • Option to display the name of option under Swatch.
  • Display the selected option’s name on a one page of the product.
  • Displays image or color swatches on the shop, category or tag archive pages.
  • Inbuilt direct variation link feature. look this up.
  • Modify the image of the product on an swatch’s hover in the category or archive pages. look this up.
  • Color , image swatches are compatible with shortcodes for the . look this.
  • Display a link in case there are more swatches than what is defined. look this up.
  • Slider for shop swatches in case the number of swatches is greater than the value set. look this up.
You can convert your usual variatility dropdown selection to attractively designed color or picture selection. Display pictures or colors of any sizes that are common. They can be displayed in circular or square modes.
There is the option of displaying the swatches for any particular product characteristic below the title of the product on the shop, category or tag archive pages.Product images are replaced by the swatch hover images whenever a users hover their cursor over any of the swatches.
This plugin has an easy to access admin UI that lets you set the color, image, or any different options within minutes.
It is also possible to set colors or image settings for each attribute’s value on the editing the attribute page . After you have set the color or value of the image, it are used to automatically create a the front-end swatch whenever you use preset attributes as variables.

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