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WooCommerce Notification v1.4.3 – Boost Your Sales


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GREAT OFFER! Coupons "3x2off" "6x3off" "9x4off" and for 1 Product the code "discount10%"

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WooCommerce Notification – wordpress plugin v1.4.3

The WooCommerce Notification shows recent purchases on your website’s front page. It’s the internet equivalent of an open store, and informs the potential buyers that others have purchased your items.

  • Improve conversion rates by noting other customers who purchased products.
  • Real-time display of orders for customer validation as well as social confirmation!
  • Inspire a sense for your visitors. Also, show the latest products!


The plugin pulls data from the most recent purchases of WooCommerce to show.

  • Display orders that you have selected: You can choose to display the complete, processing In Hold, Canceled and refunded or pending order, or Failed.

  • Order Time: Choose an hour and show orders starting at that point until now.
  • Eliminate Items Don’t include items you do not want to be listed on notification lists.

  • Out of stock items:The option allows you to choose whether to show products that are out of stock on the notice or not.


Are you looking to boost the sales of certain product? Would you like to present some brand new item to your customers? The plugin could help by allowing fake orders.

  • Make orders for specific items: Choose a few products and then enter the required details. This plugin creates fake orders for selected product.
  • Make orders to select types of categories ……

Multi-WOOCOMMERCE Notifications

You are able to include and set up any number of messages that you’d like. Each message will display with a distinct pop-up.

  • Shortcodes Make use of the shortcodes customize your message. The system will then remove this data from your purchases or make it the shortcodes automatically.

    “First_name” – First name of the customer.

    “city” – Customer’s city

    “state” – The state of the customer.

    “country” is the country in which the Customer lives.

    – Product title

    “product_with_link” is the name of the product that includes hyperlink to the main page for the product

    – Time after purchase

    Custom shortcodes – Create a custom one

  • States to display addresses within the USA: with the shortcode for states, it is possible to display addresses within the USA in a correct manner.

    An example: A person in Chicago, Illinois, USA has just bought an Woo Ninja.


WooCommer Notification plugin provides a number of options to assist you set the type of pop-up you’d like.

  • Choose the background picture that pops up: there are 3 backgrounds available right now. It will appear frequently.
  • Change the color of the products’ names, text and the background.
  • Border-radius: You can set the radius for the border that the pop-up will display.
  • Four pop-up positions are available. two image position for the product.
  • You can enable or disable Close icon. Close icon.
  • Effects that appear and then disappear.
  • A sound effect is generated when pop-ups are displayed.
  • Create your own CSS.
  • Pick the size of the photo Three options are available to select.
  • Product images that can be clicked: Product images on the pop-up can now be clicked. The pop-up will take you to the main page of the product.
  • Display the image of the parent product If a variation of a product isn’t accompanied by a product image it will show the image of the product’s parent.
  • Show the current item or other products from the same group: plug-in ……


  • is compatible with mobile phones: The plugin works well on both responsive and mobile gadgets.
  • Save Logs Save logs assist the users to save information whenever they hit the alert. Administrators of websites can be able to keep track of clicks as well as analysis of fluctuation in sales. Reporting system lets you track numbers of clicks according to date as well as by the product’s name.
  • Users can react to notifications in real-time: with featured save logs on the admin site, administrators can learn more about the attitudes and behaviour of customers towards products mentioned in the notifications.
  • Auto update: With the purchase coupon through Envato it is possible to configure the plugin up to update automatically.
  • SPEED Through the use of Ajax technology, the notifications are activated after the site has been loaded. This plugin will not affect the speed of loading your website.
  • Simple to use: It is built with an easy-to-use interface. It will take only a few minutes to setup using the optimal default settings. ……

Demo WooCommerce Notification

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