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(v6.3.3 – v7.2.34) Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO

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Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO
Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO

In today’s digital era, making your products visible on major online marketplaces is a surefire way to boost your sales and grow your customer base. And what better way to do that than using the Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO | Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO Nulled (ETSY Addon included), an innovative tool designed to effortlessly export your WooCommerce product feed and promote them on over 170 popular marketplaces? The ease of use and efficiency offered by this plugin ensures increased sales without any strenuous effort.


Easy Product Feed Generation

The power of this plugin lies in its simplicity. The process of generating an accurate product feed can be done in just three steps:

  1. Select a marketplace – with over 170 supported, the world truly is your oyster.
  2. Generate an accurate product feed using the pre-made merchant templates and advanced filters.
  3. Promote your products and enjoy increased sales.

No complicated coding, no hassle – it’s as straightforward as that.

Supported Marketplaces

From Google Shopping and Facebook to eBay and Walmart, the Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO Nulled supports a wide range of marketplaces. This extensive list ensures your products can reach a vast array of potential customers across different platforms, thereby maximizing your brand visibility and revenue.

Feature-rich and User-friendly

The Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO is packed with an array of impressive features that makes it a top choice among online sellers:

  • Auto-sync: With this feature, you can automatically synchronize your WooCommerce store products with your Google Merchant shop, eliminating the need to manually upload product feeds each time a change is made to product data.
  • Extensive Filter Options: This feature allows you to include or exclude specific products in your feed based on categories, tags, product filters, or custom filters using other attributes. This ensures you generate the most effective and tailored product feed.
  • Category Mapping: Effortlessly merge your WooCommerce categories with Google’s mandatory product categories, streamlining your store’s compatibility with Google’s guidelines.
  • Scheduled Updates: The plugin allows you to set a schedule for automatic updates to your product feed whenever changes are made to your product data, removing the burden of manual updates.
  • Inclusion of Essential Attributes: WooCommerce may not provide important attribute and identifier fields such as Brand, GTIN, MPN, and Age Group. However, the Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO resolves this issue, allowing you to include these essential fields in your feed.
  • Product Rule Feature: This allows you to manipulate your product attribute values to create the perfect product feed according to your preferences.
  • Dynamic Pricing Feature: You can adjust your product price using mathematical operations, ensuring optimal pricing strategies for each product.

Boost Your Sales with the Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO


The Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce PRO free download is more than just a plugin. It’s an effective tool for boosting your e-commerce sales and expanding your business on a global scale. By providing a seamless way to promote your products on multiple platforms, it empowers you to reach more customers and grow your business exponentially.

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