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the review v multi purpose review magazine theme
the review v multi purpose review magazine theme

The Review v2.4 – Multi-Purpose Review & Magazine Theme

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The Review WordPress theme v4.27.1

The Review v2.4 is a stylish review and magazine theme that allows you to create extensive reviews for multiple content including games, travel destinations, films, technology etc. Each review item has it’s own centralised hub page with tabbed navigation where you can display all the news, videos and images relating to that item. Each item can be reviewed by both admins and users and this all comes packaged in a fully responsive, clean and modern design.

Version 2.4 (06-Jul-15)


Update: Updated Redux to v3.5.4.34
Update: Added option to set post date when creating hubs in “Automatic Hub Creation” form
Update: Users can no longer give a rating below 1
Update: Updated method for loading parent stylesheet in child theme
Update: Updated Home Page 1 template
Tweak: Improvements to the way average user rating are calculated (moving average)
Tweak: Improvements to when how images are hidden if post content is going to be squashed
Tweak: Improvements to “Automatic Hub Creation” form appearance
Tweak: Ratings now adopt colour of the first category alphabetically
Fix: Reviews now show user ratings in categories
Fix: Edit links now work when “Edit A Review” page has any name
Fix: Items per page no longer affected by content menu pagination
Fix: Facebook social counter working again
Fix: Fixed Ranking element error when no hub header categories excluded
Fix: Fixed some issues with the way the demo switcher was being loaded

Theme Files Changed/Added/Removed

thereview-child/functions.php (Child theme)

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Demo The Review v2.4 – Multi-Purpose Review & Magazine Theme

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