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TaxoPress Pro v3.7.7

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TaxoPress Pro
TaxoPress Pro

Taxonomies are an essential part of WordPress, allowing you to categorize, tag, and organize your content in a way that is both user-friendly and SEO-friendly. Among the various taxonomy management tools available, one WordPress plugin stands out for its comprehensive and efficient features – TaxoPress Pro .


TaxoPress Pro Nulled is a professional WordPress plugin designed to manage and expand the functionalities of taxonomies, including tags, categories, and terms. It brings the ease of creating, editing, deleting, and managing taxonomies directly from your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin has been developed to facilitate better organization of your content and improve your site’s SEO. With its impressive features, TaxoPress Pro free download becomes an indispensable tool for any website owner, blogger, or SEO professional who wants to get the most out of their WordPress website’s taxonomy system.

Key Features:

  1. Auto Terms: One of the standout features of TaxoPress Pro is the Auto Terms functionality. This allows you to automatically link certain terms in your posts to corresponding taxonomy pages, enhancing the internal linking structure and SEO of your website.
  2. Advanced Content Tagging: TaxoPress Pro allows for advanced content tagging, including mass-editing of tags and auto-tagging of content based on the title, content, or custom fields. It’s a powerful way to enhance content discoverability and SEO.
  3. Tag Clouds: With this plugin, you can create customizable tag clouds with various options for style, format, and size. It’s a visually appealing and effective way of showcasing your content’s tags.
  4. Import/Export Taxonomies: TaxoPress Pro allows you to import or export taxonomies and terms between different websites. This feature can be incredibly useful when managing multiple websites or migrating to a new site.
  5. Suggested Tags: This feature suggests tags for your content based on previously used tags and the content of the post. It’s a great way to ensure your content is consistently and accurately tagged.
  6. Term Archive Tweaks: TaxoPress Pro allows you to make tweaks to the term archive pages, such as adding a description at the top of the term archive page. This can improve SEO and provide a better user experience.
  7. Synonyms and Automatic Replacement: This feature enables you to assign synonyms to certain terms and automatically replace terms in your posts with their assigned synonyms. It’s an effective way to manage your site’s terminology consistency.

TaxoPress Pro comes with comprehensive support and regular updates, ensuring you get the most out of the plugin. The Pro version also includes priority support and updates for up to a year, providing users with complete peace of mind.


TaxoPress Pro free download is a powerful, feature-rich WordPress plugin designed to manage and enhance your website’s taxonomies. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their site’s SEO, user experience, and content organization. By leveraging the power of TaxoPress Nulled, you can take your WordPress website’s taxonomy management to a whole new level.

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