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Quizé Bundle (v1.0.1) Nulled

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Quizé Bundle is a powerful tool designed to create interactive and engaging quizzes for your website, providing an opportunity to boost revenue and enhance user experience. With its range of features and add-ons, Quizé Bundle offers a comprehensive solution for website owners looking to increase page views, drive traffic, improve time on site, and reduce bounce rates.


The Quizé Bundle Nulled consists of several components that work together seamlessly. The Quizé Plugin is the core element, allowing you to create captivating quizzes that capture the attention of your visitors. Quizzes are an effective way to entertain and engage users while providing valuable content. By offering quizzes on your website, you can increase user interaction, encourage social sharing, and create a fun and interactive experience for your audience.

The Email Collector & Content Locker Add-on is a powerful tool that enables you to collect email addresses from quiz participants. This feature is invaluable for building a subscriber list and establishing a direct line of communication with your audience. Additionally, the Content Locker feature allows you to lock certain content behind the completion of a quiz, motivating users to engage further and providing an incentive for them to explore your website.


The Advanced Ads Add-on is another valuable component of the Quizé Nulled. It allows you to strategically place advertisements within your quizzes, maximizing ad impressions and generating additional revenue. By integrating ads seamlessly into your quizzes, you can monetize your website effectively and increase your earning potential.

Lastly, the Import & Export Add-on enables you to easily import and export quizzes, making it convenient to transfer quizzes between different websites or backup your quizzes for future use.

It’s important to note that all sales of the Quizé Bundle are final, and no refunds are provided. This policy ensures that customers are committed to their purchase and understand the terms of the transaction.

To receive future plugin updates, it is necessary to subscribe to the email updates. This ensures that you stay informed about the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes, allowing you to maximize the functionality of Quizé.


Quizé is a comprehensive solution for website owners who want to create engaging quizzes, increase revenue, drive traffic, and improve user experience. With its powerful features, including the Email Collector & Content Locker Add-on, Advanced Ads Add-on, and Import & Export Add-on, Quizé provides the tools necessary to captivate your audience, monetize your website, and stay connected with your visitors.

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