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Price per Unit PRO By MechComp (2.1.9) Nulled

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The Price per Unit PRO By MechComp plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce offers a flexible solution for recalculating prices based on different weight or number units. This feature comes in handy for various scenarios where you want to display prices per specific units, different from what is specified in the shipping tab.


For example, let’s say you sell packs of t-shirts and you want to show the price for one individual piece. With Price per Unit PRO By MechComp Nulled, you can easily set up the recalculation to display the price per piece, making it clear and transparent for your customers.

Another example is when you sell food products in specific packaging. You may want to show the price per net weight, while still maintaining the gross weight for shipping purposes. Price per Unit allows you to achieve this by automatically calculating and displaying the appropriate price based on the desired weight unit.

The plugin supports various weight units, including kilograms, grams, ounces, and pounds, allowing you to choose the unit that suits your needs. You can customize the recalculation based on your specific requirements and preferences.

One notable feature is that the recalculated price is displayed not only on the product page but also on the cart page. This ensures that your customers can see the updated price throughout their shopping experience, making it transparent and easy to understand.

Furthermore, Price per Unit offers a custom ratio feature for recalculation based on different units’ numbers. If you need to show the price for a different number of units, such as per ton or per 100 grams, the plugin can handle that as well. This flexibility allows you to cater to specific wholesale or quantity-based pricing models.

With Price per Unit plugin, you can automatically calculate the cost per unit of your goods and display the recalculated price, providing clarity and transparency to your customers.


The Price per Unit plugin Nulled for WordPress and WooCommerce offers a powerful and flexible solution for recalculation based on different weight or number units. Whether you need to display prices per specific units or customize the calculation for different quantities, this plugin has you covered. Enhance your pricing strategy and provide clear pricing information to your customers with Price per Unit.

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