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Openpos v5.6.8 – WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS) + Addons


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GREAT OFFER! Coupons "3x2off" "6x3off" "9x4off" and for 1 Product the code "discount10%"

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Openpos – wordpress plugin v5.6.8

If you are searching for an option to sync information between your website as well as your local shop You are searching for a simple solution to run your cafe or restaurant. OpenPOS is an essential Plugin to accomplish this.

OpenPOS is a fully-integrated point-of-sale system(POS) plugin that works with WooCommerce as well as WordPress. OpenPOS can serve many purposes such for retailers Stores as well as Restaurants/Cafes Spa salon. OpenPOS comes with everything you require to set up the Point Of Sale system.

New Features: OpenPOS Progressive Web Apps for Desktop

OpenPOS Progressive Web Apps on Desktop is able to be installed to the user’s device just similar to native apps. It’s fast. It feels like you are part of the team because they launch exactly the same way as other applications, and operate within an app’s window not having an address bar, or tabs. It’s reliable since Service workers are able to cache everything they’ll need for running. This creates an enjoyable user experience.


  • There are no monthly fees. The same location is used for hosting with WooCommerce
  • Progressive Web App
  • Multi-business support such as grocery store – retailer Cafe-restaurant/Salon
  • Cafe/Restaurant Mode, Table Management, Merge Table Transfer Table, Kitchen View Screen
  • Type of Support Rent business such for example: Karaoke, Pool Table Hire, hotels room or hotel rent …
  • Table order information is synced in real-time between the Kitchen’s cell phone/tablet/computer
  • General/Grocery Mode, with Customer Pole Display
  • Multi-Warehouse (Outlets)
  • In inventory management, stock adjustment
  • Stock Overview
  • Multi-Registers
  • All types of Barcode Scanner devices / Barcode scanners that auto detect device input
  • Create product using Barcode Scanning or searching by name or sku
  • Scan with camera
  • Support Decimal Stock/ Negative Quantity
  • Support Digital Scale as well as Digital Weighing Scale barcode
  • Rounding Currency
  • Weight base pricing
  • Order Note/Item Note
  • Coupons and discounts ( Cart discount, item discount discount )
  • Cart checkout multi cart with the saved cart feature
  • Control user logins and allow access to The POS panel
  • Receipt , barcode label
  • Recipients of Print and Email
  • Cash Management
  • Pay at checkout using multi-payment method or Split payments
  • Offline mode is the only option for working
  • Record Transactions and Sales
  • Integrated with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons WooCommerce Product Bundles are a great way to market your basic, adjustable or complex product.
  • Control Active Login session details of the session include: names of the cashier, location and ip address.
  • Barcode scanner for cameras using https
  • Logoff function. This is a vital characteristic for cashiers, they will be able to log off with no loss of the working session and do not be concerned about changes in their data by another
  • Checkout via the default gateway or with an extended version of woocommerce.
  • Refund, Partial Refund, Full exchange, Partial Exchange
  • Help LayBuy Support: Purchase and Later pay
  • Restaurants The No-Touch Process Orders

  • Easy extends and manages codes

  • There are there are many more…

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