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impreza v retina responsive wordpress theme
impreza v retina responsive wordpress theme

Impreza v2.0.0 – Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

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Impreza WordPress theme v8.1

Full List of Features

Clean, Modern Design can be used for any type of website
3 Different Layouts of the Header
Focus on typography, usability & user-experience
Retina Ready & Fully Responsive
Extensive Style Options & Unlimited Colors
Built in drag’n’drop Visual Composer
Built in Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
Parallax Effect Backgrounds
WooCommerce Ready
BBPress Ready
Full compatibility with Contact Form 7 plugin
Full compatibility with Gravity Forms plugin
Advanced Typography Options
Over 430 Icons Integrated
Shortcode Generator
Slider Revolution Included
Quick Install & Demo Content Import
Translation Ready & WPML Optimized
RTL support
Code built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practice in mind
Animated Appearance of columns and images at any page
Easy-to-use Shortcodes: Accordion and Toggles, ActionBox, Button, Contacts, Contact Form, Counters, IconBox, Image Gallery, Latest Posts, Message Box, Portfolio, Responsive Columns, Separator, Simple Slider, Single Icon, Social , Tabs, Team Members, Testimonial, Video.

Version 2.0 — August 28, 2015

NOTE: This is a major version, please read the manual for correct and full update.

ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3
ADDED: NEW One Page demo – it’s possible to import its content via built-in Demo Import
ADDED: NEW Theme Options framework:

improved appearance and interface of all options
now the theme options page is fully responsive
now image uploading option is integrated with WP media library
now it’s possible to choose size of set image
now the data for export is formed in readable format

ADDED: NEW Header layout – at the left side of the screen with vertical menu and:

it’s possible to enable all header elements (Search, Contacts, Social , Language dropdown)
it’s possible to change its width
it’s possible to make it transparent
it’s possible to make it sticky
it’s possible to set width of its logo image

ADDED: NEW Tour element – vertical tabbed content
ADDED: NEW Blog layouts – Regular Grid and Compact
ADDED: NEW layout for related posts – now it’s possible to display related posts with preview on post pages
ADDED: Preview for blog posts – now it’s possible to choose how a Featured Image will be shown on post page
(2 layouts) or just disable it (example 1, example 2)
ADDED: Author Box for blog posts – now it’s possible to display a block with information about post author on post pages
ADDED: Navigation for blog posts – now it’s possible to display Previous/Next Post navigation block on post pages
ADDED: NEW Visual Composer elements: Round Chart and Line Chart, which are fully compatible with the theme
ADDED: option to enable all theme-disabled Visual Composer elements and features (such as Grid Builder)
ADDED: 500px, Houzz, Odnoklassniki icons to all kinds of Social (example)
ADDED: option to choose double size of a separate certain title in Portfoio Grid
ADDED: ability to use Material Design icons in all kind of theme elements
ADDED: Compatibility with Microsoft Edge browser
ADDED: Full Russian translation (thanks to Ivan!)
ADDED: options to set sizes of Logo text
ADDED: theme hooks for developers – now all the templates you used to overload have their own filters and actions
IMPROVED: Frontend framework:

fully refactored all HTML semantics, CSS styles and JS scripts – now site pages load faster and smoother
now separate sections are fully worked on pages with sidebar and post pages
added ability to store Theme Options generated styles in body of a page instead of separate CSS file
removed unused and deprecated styles and scripts


now the sticky header transforms on scroll via CSS transitions instead of JS – it improves smoothness of animation and page loading speed
added ability to control visibility of the sticky header areas via new height’s options
added ability to make the header be transparent and non-sticky at the same time
added option to hide the sticky header on its initial position
added option to stretch the header content to the screen width
added ability to control scroll distance at which the sticky header will be transformed
added ability to add custom social link with custom icon
added option to remove header on a separate certain page when editing it

IMPROVED: Title Bar:

added option to change Title Bar Content or hide it for all site pages
added option to choose Image Size of background image for a separate certain page


improved compatibility and appearance of Post Formats – now they take into account suggested styling of WordPress
now all Blog Options are separated for Single Post pages, Blog Home page, Archive pages and Search Results page
now “Load More” pagination works with all blog layouts
now sidebar option works with all blog layouts
now password protected post doesn’t display its featured image
blog-related functions were rewritten in a WordPress -native way

IMPROVED: Row element:

now every outer row is a separate section by default – it is much better for user experience
added new Columns layouts: with medium gaps and with large gaps (small gaps are default)
added new Row Height option (instead of Full Screen and Full Height options) which includes new values: Small paddings and Large paddings
removed repeating Background Color and Background Image options from “Design Options” tab for better user experience
removed extra unused options

IMPROVED: Column element:

added option to choose width of a column
added ability to hide a column on different screen sizes

IMPROVED: Portfolio Grid element:

now it’s possible to use “Load More” pagination with random order of tiles
now filtering takes into account (and displays) tiles located on other pages when pagination is enabled
now images are always cover the whole tiles area even the images is smaller then minimum needed size
now it’s possible to place multiple paginated portfolios at the same page
improved pagination – now it always uses ajax
improved responsive behaviour of tiles

IMPROVED: Tabs & Timeline element:

added ability to set background color and text color for a separate tab section
added ability to set icons for Timeline circles instead of text
improved script – now navigation through the tabs is faster and smoother
improved responsive behaviour

IMPROVED: Accordion element:

added abilty to align section titles to the right
added option to choose control icon of sections (chevron, plus, triangle, none)
added ability to display icon after title
improved script – now navigation through the sections is faster and smoother
improved responsive behaviour

IMPROVED: Image Slider element:

now it uses the best Royal Slider script
added option to enable random order of slides
added option to choose images scaling
added option to choose images size

IMPROVED: Client Logos element:

improved transition behaviour and interaction with touch screens
added option to enable random order of logos

IMPROVED: Contact Form element:

now it’s possible to add multiple comma-separated emails to receive messages
now it’s possible to use multiple forms at the same page

IMPROVED: Separator element (example):

added option to set Primary, Secondary or any Custom color for the line
added option to choose thickness of the line
added option to choose style of the line

IMPROVED: Social element:

now it’s possible to add custom link with custom icon, text and color
added Colored style for icons appearance

IMPROVED: Person (former Team Member) element – now it uses square thumbnail of set image instead of the original full image
IMPROVED: Pricing Table – now it is a separate Visual Composer element with convenient editing and flexible options
IMPROVED: Latest Posts element – now it’s a separate layout of Blog element with all available options
IMPROVED: Icon element – now it’s migrated to the original VC element with more flexible options
IMPROVED: Google Maps element – now it’s possible to use HTML tags in the markers text fields
IMPROVED: Image Gallery element – added option to enable random order of images
IMPROVED: ActionBox element – added ability to display buttons below the title
IMPROVED: Counter element – now it’s possible to use decimal values
IMPROVED: Sidebar options – now it’s possible:

set Sidebar position or disable it for all regular pages globally
set Sidebar position or disable it for a separate certain Portfolio Item page
set Sidebar position or disable it for a separate certain blog post

IMPROVED: Visual Composer support:

improved Frontend Editor – now it works and looks as in the original plugin
updated all theme elements for better compatibility with the latest version of plugin
improved “Link” option for Single Image, Button, ActionBox, IconBox, Person elements – now it allows quickly to choose existing site pages
improved user interface of some elements settings

IMPROVED: WooCommerce support:

added ability to enable Title Bar for Shop and Product pages
added ability to change Sidebar, Header, Title Bar and Footer options for a separate certain Product page

IMPROVED: Typography Options:

added all existing font weights (from 100 to 900) for Google Fonts

now selected Google Font shows only its avaliable styles (font weights)

IMPROVED: Portfolio navigation:

added option to navigate portfolio items within a category only
now Title Bar navigation arrows don’t link to portfolio items with active custom link or lightbox

IMPROVED: Image regeneration process – now the theme generates fewer quantity of thumbnails (4 instead of 13!) for every uploaded image
IMPROVED: translation support – all words and phrases generated by the theme are ready to translate via PoEdit
IMPROVED: WP admin interface of the theme:

now all theme related pages are located at a separate menu item “Impreza”
added “About the Theme” page with usefull links

UPDATED: Demo content for import (including XML file, theme options and sliders)
UPDATED: Font Awesome to the latest 4.4.0 version (added 66 new icons)
UPDATED: Revolution Slider to the latest version (changelog)
UPDATED: Ultimate Addons to the latest 3.11.3 version (changelog)
UPDATED: Visual Composer to the version 4.6.2 (changelog)
UPDATED: Translation files (default.po, default.mo)
FIXED: bug with page scrolling when you click on tabs at WooCommerce product page
FIXED: bug with Advanced Tab element, when the click on tabs scrolls page to the top
FIXED: rare bug with Contact Form when it sent messages to the wrong email
FIXED: Row background video – now it is fully disabled on small screens
FIXED: bug with display slides of Image Slider on Internet Explorer
FIXED: bug with disappearing cart when a product was added
FIXED: bug when inserted URL is cropped in Video Player element
FIXED: bug with incorrect position of section background video
FIXED: bug with loading web-safe fonts from Google Fonts
FIXED: menu appearance when it’s not defined
FIXED: compatibility with some cache plugins
FIXED: compatibility with PHP version 5.2
FIXED: many styling issues
FIXED: some minor bugs

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