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ht qr code generator for wordpress
ht qr code generator for wordpress

HT QR Code Generator for WordPress v2.3.4


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GREAT OFFER! Coupons "3x2off" "6x3off" "9x4off" and for 1 Product the code "discount10%"

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HT QR Code Generator for WordPress – wordpress plugin v2.3.4

HP QR Code Generator is the WordPress plugin for creating QR codes directly using your WordPress dashboard. The Elementor widget, WordPress widget, and Shortcodes can generate QR codes. The plugin can generate QR codes that can be used for custom texts/links such as mail-to link or email or mobile text, number for a phone call, URL of the current page, etc.

QR codes can be used to save the information and details that is scanned, and then saved on a smartphone. QR codes can be used for a variety of purposes, it is a great choice to serve any purpose, and is beneficial to both the website’s owners as well as users. QR codes can cut down and even save costs for marketing and advertising costs through the placement of the QR code on websites. Visitors can scan and save the QR code for later usage. The QR code will increase visibility and generate more income for the least cost.

Plugin QR code features:

  • QR Code and print.
  • QR Code Print and Button – Allow and Delete Options.
  • Button Style Custom Button Style.
  • Custom QR Code design.
  • required patterns that work with dot style.
  • Assistance to Quiet Zone settings.
  • Create custom positions Pattern inside fill and border color.
  • Customization of Alignment Pattern inside fill color as well as outside border color.
  • Custom Timing Patterns for support. Vertical and horizontal colors.
  • Support Logo images
  • Support Background Image.
  • Multi-Language Support for Multi Language.

QR Code Generator allows you to generate code that can be used for:

  • Customized text/custom link.
  • Social Media account
  • Current page URL.
  • Link to email/Email message.
  • Send us a message or call us.
  • Skype Contact.
  • WIFI Access.
  • Calender Event..
  • Contact Info..
  • Google Place.

Hairstyle Options:

  • Custom-designed background.
  • Customized Logo.
  • Color Height, width, and color.
  • Patten Outer / Inner Color
  • Aligment Outer/Inner Color
  • Custom-designed Timing Style
  • Custom Dot Style
  • and many and more..

Demo HT QR Code Generator for WordPress

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