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gravityforms v wordpress plugin
gravityforms v wordpress plugin

Gravityforms v1.9.13 – WordPress Plugin

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Gravityforms WordPress plugin v1.9.9.6

Quickly build and design your WordPress forms using the form editor. Select your fields, configure your options, and easily embed forms on your WordPress powered site using the built in tools.
Version 1.9.13

– Added security enhancements. Credits to Jonathan Desrosiers & Aaron Ware of Linchpin and Thomas Kräftner (http://kraftner.com).

– Updated the German translation.
– Updated the Spanish (es_ES) translation.
– Updated Finnish translation.
– Updated Swedish translation.
– Updated the ‘gform_after_update_entry’ action hook to include $original_entry as the third parameters; added form specific version.
– Updated jQuery events in gformInitPriceFields() to use .on().
– Updated Time field max hour to 24.
– Updated entry exports to use GF_Field::get_value_export().
– Updated the gform_after_create_post action hook to include a form specific version; Added $entry and $form objects as the second and third parameters.
– Updated Sub-Label Placement string.

– Fixed a php notice which could occur when resuming a saved incomplete submission.
– Fixed an issue with the radio button field ‘other’ choice feature.
– Fixed an issue with the Time field when conditional logic is activated.
– Fixed an issue where field values would not appear in notifications.
– Fixed issue with multi-file uploader creating a javascript error on certain situations.
– Fixed an issue with the field filters for the name field.
– Fixed an empty translation string.
– Fixed issue with form meta caching on multi-site installs.
– Fixed PHP notices when product info being prepared during submission, caused by Shipping field with placeholder selected.
– Fixed a layout issue with reCAPTCHA and the Twenty Fifteen theme.
– Fixed an issue with the translation of some strings.

– Removed alt and title attributes from save and continue link to enhance accessibility.
– Removed name attribute from confirmation anchor to enhance accessibility.
– Removed the ‘other choice’ setting from the radio button type Shipping field.

– AF: Fixed an issue with GFToken not saving tokens for asynchronous API calls.
– AF: Updated feed edit page to show configure_addon_message() if can_create_feed() is false.
– AF: Updated has_plugin_settings_page() to check if plugin_settings_page() has been overridden.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the shipping line item in the payment framework Submission Data; item ID was missing which could cause an issue for some gateways.
– AF: Updated get_plugin_settings() and get_plugin_setting() to be public methods.
– AF: Added the ‘gform_submission_data_pre_process_payment’ filter, including form specific version; Allowing the submission data, such as payment amount, line items etc. to be modified before it is used by the payment add-on. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_submission_data_pre_process_payment/
– AF: Updated validation error icon for checkbox fields, adding it after the first checkbox item.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the display of the total pages count on the sales/results page
– AF: Updated get_field_value(), get_full_address(), get_full_name(), and get_list_field_value() to use GF_Field::get_value_export().

– API: Updated the GET /entries/[ID] and GET /forms/[ID]/entries endpoints to return List field values in JSON format instead of serialized strings.
– API: Updated the PUT /entries/[ID] and POST /forms/[ID]/entries endpoints to accept List field values in JSON format in addition to serialized strings.
– API: Updated the ‘gform_post_update_entry’ action in GFAPI::update_entry() to include a form specific version.
– API: Added GF_Field::get_value_export() so the field entry value can be processed before being used by add-ons etc.

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