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filebird wordpress media library folders preview
filebird wordpress media library folders preview

FileBird v4.9.9 – Media Library Folders


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GREAT OFFER! Coupons "3x2off" "6x3off" "9x4off" and for 1 Product the code "discount10%"

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FileBird – wordpress plugin v4.9.9

Are you amidst many thousands of your documents in the WordPress the media library? Are you having trouble managing these files? FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders plugin was created to aid you in taking the quality of your WordPress multimedia library to the highest level

How IT Works

Are you an administrator for a WordPress administrator of a website?

The process of creating a site implies that you’ll have to add tons of brand new media files, including videos, images Audios, PDFs documents, txt, .ect into your site databases day-to-day. In the end, your website must keep a huge number of data files. With the standard WordPress media databases, you’re not able to organize your files in a sensible way and you’d like to achieve the same thing as you would do to your own personal PC, don’t you? If you’re looking for an uploaded file to your WordPress website, don’t have a clue where to look for it?

FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders was created to assist you in overcoming the hurdle. The plugin provides you with the capability to organize your the media library on your website. By using this plugin it is possible to manage and organize thousands of photos as well as audios, videos as well as other data files within the media library.

Controlling files within WordPress is never easier. The only thing you need to do is drag and drop files to upload to ……


Drag and drop Interface

Drag and drop is being embraced as a technology. Drag and drop events that are native to drag, such as shifting files into folders as well as moving files from the folder from one using just a blade can reduce the clicks required to finish your work.


We are always on the cutting edge for making icons, buttons sections, and other draggable elements. The Ninja Team’s plugins have been created using clear good quality code and are based on UI/UX design.


The Open Page Builder you’re using Simply insert the image element. You can then browse through the files using the same interface as FileBird’s native library folders. This is an amazing option which FileBird exclusively offers to users.


Add a FileBird Gallery block in your page or post composer , and then select the folder(s) you would like to display. Any media files that are within the folder(s) selected will automatically be displayed on your blog post. Additionally, you can create customized co ……


Q Where can I get the manual on this plug-in?

A: You can find it here

Q: If I write a new blog article, how do I pick a file that I have uploaded within a particular directory?

A Answer: Yes, you are able to make use of the tree for folders on left, or pick the appropriate folder from the dropdown list in the filter box next to the search field.

Q: Will all my files that I uploaded remain identical after I install the plugin?

A Yes, they do.

Q: If I create a folder or category, does this override the default WordPress path “wp-content/uploads”?

A: It doesn’t. It helps to create folders for files visually. The default path for files is.

Q: How do I select multiple files in bulk to put them in one folder?

A: Use the Bulk select button in the media grid. You can select bulk the files you wish to and then drop them in an appropriate folder.

Q: If I shift an image into another folder, will this affect my image’s appearance on my web page?

It doesn’t. The image will still be displayed. ……

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