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fancy product designer v woocommerce plugin
fancy product designer v woocommerce plugin

Fancy Product Designer v2.1.0 – WooCommerce plugin

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Fancy Product Designer WordPress plugin v4.7.5

Yes. Since V2.0.0 you are able to include it in any posts or pages.



Now you can choose between products and categories as content for the product designer
Fancy Products admin: You can filter fancy products by ID, title and order
Search for Fancy Products
Pagination for Fancy Products in Fancy Products admin
Product Builder. Duplicate Layer Button
New option to set the minimum allowed DPI for custom uploaded images
You can set different available fonts for different product designers
Users can now share their customized designs on social networks
Set the allowed media types for every upload zone separately
Up/down layer buttons in the dialog box
Copy elements via new control icon
Set the dialog box to a fixed left or right position


The jquery.fancyProductDesigner-fonts.css is now stored in the wp-content/uploads/fpd-fonts directory
Product Builder: Now you can enter multiple hexadecimal color values in the colors field.
Clipping is now automatically enabled for all upload zones

Bugs fixed

If not custom fonts are set but google web fonts, some of them are duplicated in the dropdown
Maximum Characters default value not set correctly when installing the plugin the first time
Product Builder: Checking a checkbox removed all set colors for an element
When editing a product via „Quick Edit“ it will disable the Product Designer
Order with special characters could not be loaded into the Order Viewer
Clipping did not working correctly in sub views
Text can not be changed via textarea in Firefox
When the elements of a product with multiple views are loaded into the designer and elements have the same replace value in different views, the element in the first view is removed
Clipping not correct calculated when calling some methods
Some issues when reseting an element

More versions

Demo Fancy Product Designer v2.1.0 – WooCommerce plugin

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