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eventon full cal v
eventon full cal v

Eventon Full Cal v0.28

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Eventon Full Cal WordPress plugin v0.28

Full Cal addon for EventOn converts the list-style calendar of events into a grid-style calendar that most people are used to. This continues to use our minimal clean style across the calendar. Days with events will get highlighted on the calendar grid days making it easy to see the days of the month that have events. Use JQuery smooth animations to switch between months and days.

Full Cal (FC) addon for EventON Plugin
v0.28 (2015-4-22)
UPDATED: compatibility with go to today button
UPDATED: compatibility with eventon 2.3.1
UPDATED: Calendar filter not working 100%
FIXED: event color undefined error
FIXED: error message saying FC is not activate and need eventon

Demo Eventon Full Cal v0.28

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