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Bulletproof YouTube Videos v1.2.4 – Backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, FTP


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GREAT OFFER! Coupons "3x2off" "6x3off" "9x4off" and for 1 Product the code "discount10%"

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Bulletproof YouTube Videos – wordpress plugin v1.2.4

What are the possibilities with This plugin?

YouTube videos that are bulletproof.

It is a breakaway edge

YouTube video backup tool which is perfect for saving your (or your other) YouTube videos to cloud storage

. It utilizes YouTube native API to create a backup of your website. YouTube native API that allows you to transform your website into a backup device!
It can be run using autopilot and will save the videos to the following places (more is expected to follow in the future updates):

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • FTP
  • v1.1.0 Update: OneDrive
  • v1.2.0 Update: Amazon S3

3 reasons why you should create backups of YouTube videos (or any other) YouTube content

  • If YouTube terminates your account all of your YouTube videos are deleted.
  • Options for ing YouTube videos are not available.
  • YouTube videos converted to YouTube may be degraded in quality

Make use of the cases to help you install the plugin

  • Have you made an archive copy of every one of you YouTube videos? You can now automate this procedure!
  • Stop YouTube videos from getting removed (DMCA Content ID, DMCA the removal of your YouTube’s TOS)
  • Backup Your Videos To a Cloud Storage
  • Back……

Tested this plugin

  • The plugin can be tested for capabilities using the Test Site Generator‘. You can test all the features of the plugin. Be aware that your test blog will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Requirements for Plugins

PHP 7.0 or greater

PHP CURL extension (install on Ubuntu/Debian etc. using the command apt-get install php5 Curl)

permit_url_fopen to be used on

Do you have a current customer?

If you have already purchased this and have tested it , feel to reach me through the product’s comments section, and provide me with some feedback to help me improve it to be a more effective WordPress plugin!

WordPress 5.8 Proved!


With this plugin, you’re in a position to videos on YouTube which do not have to belong to you , or isn’t under your supervision. If you access copyrighted materials without author’s consent The plugin’s creator is not responsible in your actions. Additionally, the developer of the plugin does not have any control over the quality, content or accessibility of the material you have grabbed.

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