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BeRocket (v3.0.4.6) Grid List View Nulled

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BeRocket – Grid/List View
BeRocket – Grid/List View

BeRocket Grid List View Nulled simple list style is perfect if you’re looking for a ready-to-use option that can be implemented right away. This style is fully integrated with your chosen theme and plugins, ensuring a consistent look and feel across your website. With styles management built-in, you can easily make changes to the appearance of the list by simply clicking on an element.


On the other hand, the advanced list variant offers even more control over the items in your list. You have the flexibility to position the image on the right side or hide it altogether, giving you the freedom to customize the layout according to your preferences. With presets available, you can change the list layout with just a click, making it quick and convenient to experiment with different designs.

Customization options abound with the advanced list variant. You can customize the number of products per page, allowing you to control the amount of content displayed at once. The layout itself is fully customizable, with options to change the delimiter, text before and after numbers, and the placement of BeRocket Grid List View buttons. This level of flexibility ensures that the list aligns perfectly with your website’s design and user experience goals.

Furthermore, the advanced list variant offers customizability in terms of styles as well. You can choose between using links or buttons for numbers, specify default and hover text colors, and adjust the spacing around buttons and links. These customizations allow you to create a list that not only provides valuable information but also enhances the visual appeal and user interaction on your website.


Having two list variants at your disposal provides greater possibilities for creating engaging and visually appealing lists on your website. The simple list style offers immediate usability and seamless integration, while the advanced list variant grants you more control over the layout and customization options. Whether you prefer a straightforward approach or want to delve into the finer details, these list variants empower you to create dynamic and compelling content for your audience.

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