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avada v responsive multi purpose theme
avada v responsive multi purpose theme

Avada v3.8.5 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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Avada WordPress theme v7.4.1

Avada v3.8.5 is the ultimate multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is clean, super flexible, responsive, includes Fusion Page Builder and comes packed with powerful options! This multi-purpose WordPress theme sets the new standard with endless possibilities, top-notch support, and lifetime updates with newly requested features from our users. And its the most easy-to use theme on the market! Avada is very intuitive to use and completely ready to operate out of the box. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into this theme making it a pleasure to use. Avada has a ton of incredible user reviews and lots of awesome features. We’ve highlighted some of our features below, check them out below! The clean multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, etc. Buy Avada and come be a part of this awesome community!

Version 3.8.5 – July 1st, 2015

Five New Demos To Show The Power of Avada
We’ve added 5 new demos that are built entirely from our included options. These demos are unique and creatively designed for the specific industries they represent. Best of all, you can import them directly from the WordPress admin and use for your site. They are Avada Hotel, Avada Hosting, Avada Law, Avada Lifestyle and Avada Architecture.  More coming soon!

Full List of New Features
▪    new mobile layout version for iLightbox
▪    new image hover effects for image frames (zoom in, zoom out, lift up)
▪    new image hover effects for recent post shortcode (zoom in, zoom out, lift up)
▪    new border options for columns, all sides or individual sides
▪    new global theme options for single portfolio pages
▪    new font size option for font awesome icons, can be any size in px
▪    new zoom to pinch theme option for mobile devices
▪    new options to enable menu divider lines in regular and mega menus
▪    new options to control top/bottom padding for regular and mega menus
▪    new option to display an indicator icon for parent level menu items
▪    new theme option to change carousel speed
▪    new top / bottom margin options for title shortcode
▪    new option to disable sticky header shrinkage animation
▪    new content box options for title font color and body font color
▪    reorganization of content box options
▪    4 new content box design styles
▪    new content box hover effects (fade, pulsate, slide)
▪    new font size and line-height option for post titles
▪    new option that allows buttons to be used as menu items
▪    new toggle divider line option
▪    new letter spacing options for H1-h6
▪    new lightbox video width/height theme options to control video size
▪    new progress bar border options
▪    new layer slider plugin version
▪    new revolution slider plugin version

General Fixes & Improvements
▪    switched from compiling using LESS to a plain PHP compiler for performance improvements. Improved compiler cache system, added hooks for the compiler
▪    various adjustments for translation files
▪    improved dynamic_css.php conversion issues
▪    various RTL improvements for front and backend
▪    fixed database error if no revolution slider installed
▪    fixed avada social links widget issue of boxed padding setting not working
▪    improved text alignment for progress bar text
▪    person short code now follows global option for icon tooltip position
▪    fixed shadow parameter issue for button short code through text editor
▪    improved page title bar title on portfolio taxonomy pages when a blog page is set
▪    fixed issue of mega menu not disabling
▪    woo shop page double sidebars is messed up
▪    widget titles are now h4 instead of h3
▪    adjusted menu drop shadows for consistency
▪    sticky header now works on mobile with side header
▪    added SUHOSIN max_value_length to system status
▪    added DOMDocument check in system status
▪    fixed plugin conflict with Category Order & Tax Terms Order plugin issue
▪    adjusted light box popup z-index
▪    improved iLightbox video loading / SSL Youtube
▪    improved Gravity Forms styling issues
▪    improved light box galleries with using portfolio filters
▪    adjusted recent works + filter without all behavior
▪    fixed border colors to ensure they work on Woo pages
▪    improved vertical alignment of text in page title bar at 800px
▪    fixed issue of WooCommerce showing double proceed to checkout on cart page
▪    improved footer widgets and footer column theme option interaction
▪    fixed menu item flickering issue with logged out of one page
▪    fixed issue of columns not hiding on mobile when selected
▪    adjusted equal column heights in IE
▪    fixed issue of sticky header animation + short page content
▪    fixed issue of flip box images overflowing in Firefox
▪    improved parallax footer setup for IE
▪    improved one page anchor link scrolling issue
▪    fixed polyang theme options not saving for languages
▪    improved side header setup for viewport / scrollable area
▪    fixed “my account” login from main/secondary menu
▪    improved WP Gallery Lightbox behavior when using multiple galleries on one page
▪    use wp_remote_get for recaptcha instead of any other function
▪    video embeds now work in all portfolio templates and recent work shortcodes
▪    improved videos in modal popup
▪    improved twitter widget for preg_replace issue with URLs ending with full-stop
▪    fixed responsive issue with columns resizing at 1366px
▪    fixed issue of page options not applying to shop page
▪    fixed woocommerce dynamic_css errors
▪    fixed issue of iLightbox gallery not showing title/caption for all images
▪    fixed issue of portfolio + infinite scroll _image rollover disable
▪    fixed issue of Link in media added by WordPress opening up in Lightbox
▪    fixed conflict with Woocommerce Swatches add on
▪    disabled parallax footer for mobile devices
▪    removed video flashing when page loads
▪    fixed issue of WPML flags style issue in menu
▪    excerpt theme option now applies to portfolio archive page
▪    updated fusion core to font awesome 4.3
▪    fixed plugin conflict with WPMU
▪    improved use of special characters in tagline box title and description fields
▪    removed h2 inside of h3 in comment form
▪    fixed system status bug with max_input_vars
▪    adjusted some styles for IE9 compatibility
▪    improved strip_HTML option for bold text
▪    removed my account login box on mobile menu
▪    improved Header shadow  / menu for IE11
▪    removed <img> tag output when no logo is uploaded to backend
▪    removed console error for FAQ pages
▪    fixed issue of WooCommerce Affiliate Product Purchase Button in Archive pages
▪    fixed section separator divider candy border position / shape
▪    google map info box will now allow links
▪    fixed issue of page title meta conflict with 3rd party plugins
▪    fixed Woocommerce products sorting due to error in woo-config.php
▪    improved non-responsive mode adjustments for desktop so no changes happen when resizing browser
▪    fixed conflict with Relevanssi Search plugin
▪    revised button shortcode to be responsive in Layer Slider

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